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Is it possible to trade JPY pairs safely?

INDEX trades GBPJPY with R/R close to 1:3 and large gainers are seen regularly with intermediate small losing phases.  On an average large gainers (>250 pips) are seen about 5 times per year. Since March 2018, INDEX has has 4 large gains (+228, +243, +439, +615). The last trade went on to hit the TP of 600 pips with some positive slippage.  SL losses are always maintained at -100 pips and most trades are closed for smaller losses when trade direction is no longer in line with the the entry conditions. The historical data is provided below (We have also shown in the INDEX technical report that Live trading match backtests trades very well) We acknowledge the role of luck in trading, however any trading or strategies cannot survive on luck. We believe that any trader or developer can only put odds in their favor by a small percentage and use proper risk + trade management to make reasonable gains.   The positive R/R enables INDEX (along with trading uncorrelated pairs/timef

ForexSignalPort : Under-the-Hood Look at Trade Cloning

In this post, we attempt to address the concern of traders have with regard to using FSP Cloner EA and any associated client-server time delay in trade execution.  FSP is considered to be a very fast cloner of Phibase trades with average time delay less than 6 secs.   To explain trading gap needs a bit of under the hood information on what goes on during order execution.  Price Feed During New Bar  During every H1 bar close/open, there is a micro volatile phase lasting about a minute. Phibase EAs factor this and delay order execution between 3 seconds to 2 minutes - this depends on the EA and the bar open micro volatility (which varies to a great extend from broker to broker). This is not noticed in most cases since the range is only within the spread range of upto 1.5 pips. At times tick freeze is also seen for a few secs. We assume these are related to volumes at new bar open, binary Options or just plain Option trading. Trade Trigger in Stand Alone EA Phibase stand alo

Is it risky to trade Forex during holiday season?

Photo by  Mathieu CHIRICO  on  Unsplash Traders choose automated trading to enable them to trade logically as per rules.   Phibase team takes every possible step to keep emotion, fear,   greed and gut feeling out of its trading strategies.   We try our best to base all our trading decisions, logic and rules on statistical technical facts.   Holiday Trading :   (between the start of Christmas week to end of first week of new year) There is no statistical significance of Phibase EA trades made during the holiday season. Historically,   the performance metrics (wins/losses) are very similar to regular trading days. No significant drawdowns are associated with the holiday sessions over the 6 years live trading and over 12 years of backtest period. The Xmas Holiday period is also usually associated with no major economic data or market moving economic decisions. The price usually is ranged or make move within contained ranges but on low liquidity mostly reflecting yea